bloodborneDo you fancy a great adventure game? Then, you must definitely try Bloodborne! Bloodborne is a third-person adventure game where you battle hordes of terrifying creatures and wield magical weapons.

The story is set in Yharnam, where some inhabitants are affected by a blood-borne disease. These infected inhabitants turn into ghastly creatures that terrorize the populace. You, the hunter, must search something called the “Paleblood”. This item is of such importance as you will learn more about the blood-borne disease.

Upon searching for the Paleblood, you will come across items and artifacts that are important to your missions ahead. Furthermore, you can also use magical weapons and runes to help you with your quest.

The world of Yharnam also has NPCs to help you as you progress though the story. When you create a character, you have the option to tweak your avatar’s features such as skin, hair, body shape, voice, etc. You can also choose what “Origin” your character has.

These Origins will help mold your character. For example, if you choose the Ruthless origin, your character’s stats and playstyle will revolve around killing a lot of enemies with might swings. In short, your character turns into a cold-blooded killing machine.

During the course of your missions, you will come across lanterns, which acts as your checkpoints. You can also interact with Lanterns and it will replenish your health by doing so. Just remember that when you do interact with a Lantern, all the monsters will be replenished throughout the world of Yharnam, so keep that in mind.

The Hunter can wield two melee weapons and two secondary weapons at a time. Most melee weapons are called “Trick Weapons” which have two states. One state is the slower, hard-hitting one, and the other state is the faster, but weaker one. Mix and match and use the weapons to your advantage.

The world of Yharnam is as gothic as it can be. You will explore chapels, universities, castles, forests, just to name a few. As if that isn’t scary enough, there are also some jump scares here and there.

Bloodborne was well received by a lot of people, including game critics. Here are just some reviews of some prominent game critics:

DigitalSpy: “I want to keep playing, I want to discover its secrets, I want to fight every monster, try every weapon, discuss theories and explore as many of the community dungeons as possible. To put it bluntly, I want to bleed the game dry.”

3DJuegos: “FromSoftware has a unique style when creating incredibly well-designed worlds. The new offensive combat system gives a fresh start to the series, and while it is more direct in its conception, it doesn’t lose an ounce of depth.”

Let’s see some player reviews:

ZzZ85: “This is the best game you will get on any next game console and i can see it being my game of the year. If you have a PS4 there is no reason what so ever not to run and get this game ASAP. Fantastic game. A true gem!!!”

Michael: “Beautiful game, coming by From Software, I expected something like. Great Soundtrack and Scenery, Immersion and everything good can define this game, for sure a must buy.”

With a ton of great reviews from game critics and players, Bloodborne is a must-have game if you want to satisfy your adventure-game cravings.