3 Things That Could Make Pokemon Go Better

Niantic and Nintendo didn’t know that their newest mobile phone game, Pokemon Go, will become a worldwide phenomenon.

Just after its release a few days ago, Pokemon Go is now one of the most downloaded apps on either the Google Play Store and the Apple app store.

What’s more, this game has been buzzing in different social media platforms and a lot of people are going out there in search for Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is great because it marries a popular franchise with augmented reality gaming. But, even though this game is popular, it needs to have new content in the future to entice people to keep playing the game.

So in this article, I will talk about the three things Niantic and Nintendo can include in the game to make it even better.

1. Battle other Pokemon Trainers. In different Pokemon games, there is a feature that you can battle other Pokemon trainers. This can be done using the Nintendo 3DS link play, for example. I know that the premise of the game is to go out there, collect Pokemon, and train them but the majority of people actually want one feature: allow them to battle other Pokemon trainers. You see, Pokemon is part cute, part competitive. There needs to be an avenue where different Pokemon trainers can battle each other. The only way for people to battle, at least for now, is to go to Pokemon Gyms. But, these gyms only pit you against AI controlled trainers. If Niantic wants to entice people in the long run, they have to include this feature first and foremost.

2. Trading Pokemon. One of the key features of different Pokemon games is the ability to trade Pokemon. You see, some trainers are lucky when getting some Pokemon while others don’t. It would be interesting if Niantic Studios will include this feature as this will actually entice people to catch more Pokemon. This also means that people will be going out more and they can actually contribute positively to their overall well-being. This is basically a one-two punch so to speak.

3. World Events. This is actually introduced in the game’s trailer prior its release. It would be interesting to see if Niantic releases this feature. This can actually be great for them since a lot of players are already playing the game. The premise of world events is that players in your area must join forces to defeat a certain Pokemon. In the case of the trailer of the game that was shown prior to the game’s release, people were battling Mewtwo. After Mewtwo is defeated, they will then have the chance to capture the rare Pokemon. World events such as the one I just spoke of will surely encourage people to continually play the game.

If Niantic and Nintendo will play their cards right, people will continually be playing Pokemon Go even after months of its release.

They also have to fix their servers and they also have to release the game worldwide (as the game is only available in select countries as of the time of writing).

If they are able to pull these off, I am pretty sure that Pokemon Go will be a massively popular game for many months (and even years) to come.