Some Things You Need to Know About the Final Fantasy XII Remastered Edition

One of my most favorite PS2 RPGs is getting a remastered edition. I am talking about the upcoming Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. It is just a fancy name for the remastered edition of the original game.

Apart from graphical enhancements, Square Enix hopes to bring a lot more features to the remastered edition.

If you’ve played the original game, you know quite well that exploration is a little bit of a chore since the maps are very vast.

In order to remedy this, the developers of the game added a Speed up feature. Whenever you are in battles (random or boss battles) and in giant maps, you can increase your speed up to 4x.

This will help you get by faster and it will allow you to explore the dungeons with relative ease.

I think this is a great feature since, well, a lot of gamers who are going to play the remastered edition would have already played the original version anyway.

This is further predicated by the game’s director, Takashi Katano during a recent interview. He said that a lot of feedback from the fans said that the dungeons and fields are just too massive to explore.

And, given the amount of time that players give in RPG games these days, it is just fitting that they should add a speed up feature.

Also, Katano said that there are two speed up modes: 2x and 4x. The 2x mode is best used when you’re in tight spaces and you want a little more fine-tuned movement.

The 4x mode is best used when you’re in large dungeons or large areas. This also applies to random battles as some animations can get really time-consuming.

Another added feature in the Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is the auto-save feature. Katano said that this feature will kick in as soon as you enter new maps.

This is also amazing. Back in the day, players would have to search for a save point in order to save their progress. This means that players back then wouldn’t be able to get off the game without wasting time trying to find a save point.

This new feature will surely entice the modern RPG gamer. Since then, all I have to do to save the game is go to a new map and I can leave after that.

I just want to touch on the graphical improvements. During the E3 event, I saw first-hand the graphical improvements of the game.

To put it simply: the remastered edition has some jaw-dropping visuals. Every graphical aspect in the game has been carefully remastered and it will really make you appreciate the game even more.

So, is the new Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age worth the money? I would say, definitely!

The Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will be released next year and it will be available on the Playstation 4 game console.