5 Workout Secrets You Should Know

A lot of people in my gym always ask me how I did it. You see, I’ve been in this gym for nearly 2 years and the gym owner wanted to put my “before” picture (my body before committing to the gym) and my “after” picture (1 year and 6 months after).

Since then, a lot of people are commending me for really transforming myself. The ask me how I did it, what are my secrets, and so on.

So, in this article, I will share my 5 workout secrets so that you will get the most out of your fitness journey.

To start off…

  1. Consistency is Key. I cannot count how many times I do not want to go to the gym but I always end up lifting anyways. Consistency is key. Whether you just want to lose weight or you want to buff up, it is the single thing that separates the men from the boys. Being consistent is not going to the gym every day and doing whatever you can; it’s about sticking to your program and making sure that you workout, at least, 4 times a week.
  2. Set Realistic Expectations. Most of the time, people fail when trying to lose weight because they set unrealistic goals. I’ve heard a lot of gym goers that they want to lose as much as 60lbs in one month and they only weigh 230lbs. No, that is not possible, at least, not possible by doing workouts for one month. If you want to be successful in becoming fit, set realistic and reachable goals. That way, you will not be discouraged easily.
  3. Do not Make Excuses. If you’re doing something difficult in life, it is very tempting to make excuses. This is very common in the gym; a lot of people who’re still starting out are very enthusiastic. But, weeks or months into their programs, they do not show up. When they do show up after quite some time, I asked them what their reasons are. No matter what they say, all I hear are excuses. Usually, people say that they do not have the time because of this or that. But let me tell you something, there are 24 hours in a day, you work for 8 hours, you have 16, you sleep for 8 hours, you have 8 more hours left. In those 8 hours, you still think that you have a fair enough excuse? What I am trying to say is, do not fall into the habit of making up excuses just to not workout. Remembering, when you’re working out, you’re trying your very best to be fit and live a healthy life. That being said, think about it.
  4. Get Inspiration. Getting fit is hard, especially if you do not have an inspiration. When you’re still starting out or you’re a couple of months in your exercise program, your motivation will start to dwindle. If you’re experiencing a loss of motivation, try to get some inspiration. It can be from other bodybuilders or it can be from people you know that are already fit.
  5. Have the Patience. Getting slim requires time. You didn’t get fat or obese in one day, right? So, why treat slimming down any different? If you’re not getting the results you want, be patient. I promise you, with hard work and dedication, it will come.

These secrets have helped me in my quest to becoming fit and muscular. Hopefully, this article gave you inspiration and insights on what you have to do to become fitter and live a healthier life.