What Is This Controversy Surround R4i Cards?

Chances are that if you are into technology then you know about the controversy that can prop up from time to time. The controversy surrounds whether or not individual users have the right to manipulate and change how a portable electronic device works. A popular example is hacking an Iphone. Along with providing greater versatility, a hacked Ipone was considered illegal by the terms of service regarding the device. Despite that, countless people still hacked their Iphone because they wanted functionality over a strict user agreement.

There is a controversy surrounding R4i cards because they provide the Nintendo DS and 3DS the same level of open access. Lets take a look at this debate and see both sides of why customers want it and Nintendo doesn’t.

The Customer’s Argument

A Nintendo DS or 3Ds is all about the user experience and enjoyment. The 3DS itself is the console from which other games can be played. As a result, the 3DS can sometimes feel limited because only a certain number of games are available and they have to be approved by Nintendo before they can be sold on the console. With the R4i Gold 3DS as well as similar models, the customer can play games from any source using the R4i Gold 3DS card as a vehicle to do so. In addition, the customer can change the software of the R4i Gold 3DS, making it work for their personal needs as opposed to the needs of Nintendo. Because of the R4i Gold 3DS, customers have experienced never before access and customizability to their portable gaming device, making it one of the most popular devices ever.

The Manufacturer’s Argument

Nintendo does not support hacking the DS and 3DS because they see it as a loss of potential revenue as well as a devaluing of their product. First, Nintendo cannot be responsible for what happens when people hack their 3DS. With the amount of money and support this would require, it is easier for Nintendo to ban it outright then try to accept it. Second, Nintendo is worried that illegal versions of games that they sell can be found online and then played using things like R4i Gold 3DS. With this in mind, Nintendo has gone as far as introducing legislation in a number of countries to make buying and selling R4i Gold 3DS cards illegal.